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modern design.

Modern design.

The Premier Genious air conditioner uses a V shape design. It is proper for any home, especially modern ones. 

ECO mode.

ECO mode.

If you want to use air conditioner for a long time, activating ECO mode is best option. In this mode, air conditioner saves a lot of energy, while working slower.

Noiseless and economical.

Noiseless and economical.

The inverter compressor controls the operation of the air conditioner at maximum high efficiency. As a result, the air conditioner achieves low noise and high efficiency without decreasing cooling capacity.

Follow me technology.

Follow me technology.

Premier Genious air conditioners use Follow me technology, which increases the accuracy of air conditioning performance.

Models of

Premier GENIUS


Main characteristics

  • Energy efficiency class:


  • Compressor:

    3D-DC Inverter

  • Working voltage:

    220v - 240v

  • Recommended area:

    35 m²

  • Noise level:

    24 - 33 dB

  • Display:

    two color LED

  • Working modes:

    heating and cooling

  • Power:

    12000 BTU

  • Self clean :


  • Follow me:


  • Min. outside temperature:

    -15 °C

Characteristics and description


The air conditioner is designed to perform heating and cooling functions, energy efficiency A ++.


Sleep mode normalizes the air temperature and prevents you from freezing. Also, the ventilation mode simply circulates the air without changing its temperature. The air conditioner saves the settings and adjusts automatically when you turn it on.


The inverter compressor ensures maximum efficient operation of the air conditioner and reduces energy consumption.


Due to the high humidity in the room, the temperature may actually seem higher. The drying function of Premier air conditioners helps in such cases.


The Follow me function allows you to measure the air temperature in any part of the room using the remote control. This increases the performance accuracy of the air conditioner.


Air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant and engine voise is 24 - 33 dB.