Jan 2024

15 Jan, 2024

Important factors in choosing a TV.

Pay attention to 5 important aspects when choosing a TV.


  1. Image clarity - 4K Ultra HD;
  2. Modern design - frameless;
  3. Work via Wi-Fi or wired transfer - SMART;
  4. Has voice control - OK Google;
  5. Quality sound - Dolby Digital.


Buying a TV isn't just about looking good and cheap. A good TV should be of high quality that meets world standards in terms of design, clarity, and sound.
Here are the 5 most important aspects of the perfect TV.

Image clarity - 4K Ultra HD

Image clarity means that the more tiny dots, pixels on the display, the clearer the image. The "K" in 4K stands for Kilo (1000), meaning a TV with a horizontal resolution of about 4,000 pixels.
4K UHD TVs are characterized by image clarity and maximum detail of image elements, providing 4 times higher resolution than Full HD TVs.

Modern design - frameless screen

Frameless screen edges have a solid construction and can expand the screen area of the TV without traditional borders. Watching movies in full, you will feel like you are traveling to the world of cinema.
"Premier" TVs offer models that are ideally suited to any room, paying attention to the design with a delicate taste.

Work via Wi-Fi or wired transfer - SMART

SMART - TVs that work via Wi-Fi or wired transmission. Currently, there is a high demand for televisions that can enjoy any worldly content on the Internet. Smart TV allows you to enjoy Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify music streaming services, various games and sports content as you want.

Has voice control - OK Google

With OK Google, you can control, change the channel, open apps, listen to music, remotely control your smart home devices and more with just your voice.

Quality sound - Dolby Digital

High-quality sound - the quality of televisions equipped with Dolby Digital technology differs from other televisions in terms of clarity and naturalness. Dolby Digital is capable of producing multi-channel sound, helping users deliver cinematic sound.

With "PREMIER" televisions, which include all important aspects, you will create a cozy home theater in your apartment.

PREMIER - affordable applicane.

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