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Complete new feeling in use


Inverter compressor

Low Voltage

Cooling mode

Heat mode

Turbo mode

ECO mode


Sleep mode

3D air flow

Don't expect hot air from Iran and cold air from Russia.


Weather is always pleasent.

Weather is always pleasent.

Premier air conditioners have heating and cooling functions. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for you in any weather.

Ixcham dizayn

Super Low voltage technology.

Super Low voltage technology.

Super Low voltage technology ensures that the air conditioner operates at low voltage. The air conditioner works efficiently even at 80V.

Noiseless and economical.

Noiseless and economical.

The inverter compressor controls the operation of the air conditioner at maximum high efficiency. As a result, the air conditioner achieves low noise and high A +++ efficiency without decreasing cooling capacity.

oson tozalash

3D air flow.

3D air flow.

The 3D air flow system allows air to circulate quickly and evenly throughout the room


Main characteristics

  • Digital Inverter:


  • Energy efficiency class:


  • Display:


  • Low Voltage:


  • Dry mode:


  • Indoor noise level:

    24 dB - 33 dB

  • Бренд:


  • Air ionizer:


Characteristics and description


Premier air conditioners are equipped with an inverter compressor, the air conditioner has A +++ energy efficiency and works in a low noise.


The air conditioner is designed to heat and cool the air and provide you with a pleasant temperature in any conditions.


The air conditioner uses the new SUPER LOW VOLTAGE technology which let it work at 80V to 264V.


The air conditioner is equipped with modern technology and can be controlled via WiFi.


R32 refrigerant is used in air conditioner.