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PRM-715SBSNFCWG (Inverter)



No Frost


Big volume

Tempered glass

Motor Warranty

Multi Air Flow system.

Multi Air Flow system.

The unique Multi Air Flow cooling system cools the refrigerator evenly from wall to wall. Cold air is provided through multiple supply lines located in each shelf. This allows to maintain a constant temperature and ensure the freshness of food.

No Frost technology.

No Frost technology.

No Frost technology maintains a constant temperature in all areas of the camera. This allows you to double the cooling process of the products, as a result, it reduces the excess stress on the cooling system and extends its service life.

Ideal cooling of meat and fish products.

Ideal cooling of meat and fish products.

The Fresh Zone features a specially designed pull-out container that provides ideal conditions for keeping meat and fish at optimal temperatures. This allows to preserve their freshness and best aromatic properties.

Fully removable containers (refrigerator).

Fully removable containers (refrigerator).

Thanks to the possibility of sliding the containers in the refrigerator compartment to their full length, you can easily place or remove food products and make optimal use of the interior.


Main characteristics

  • Energy efficiency class:


  • Refrigerator volume:

    344 L

  • Freezer volume:

    185 L

  • Cooling system:

    No Frost

  • Refrigerant:


  • Energy consumption:

    325 kW/year

  • Climate class:

    N, ST

  • Noise level:

    42 dB

  • Weight (kg):


  • Size (cm):

    91 x 67 x 177

  • Motor guarantee:

    10 years