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You can find proper mode for any type of fabric


Digital Inverter



Delay wash

Drum cleaning

Fast 15'

Child protection

Favorite mode

Your best helper at home.


Digital inverter.

Digital inverter.

Digital Inverter measures the engine wash volume and determines the optimum performance speed. As a result, the washing machine consumes less power and runs at low noise.

Dense nickel plating.

Dense nickel plating.

The surface of the water heater is not corroded due to the dense nickel coating and will serve you for a long time

Drum cleaning function.

Drum cleaning function.

The drum cleaning function eliminates 99.9% of unpleasant odor-causing bacteria inside the washing machine without any chemical detergents.


Main characteristics

  • Maximum loading:

    8 kg

  • Energy efficiency class:


  • Engine:


  • Spin speed:


  • Number of programs:


  • Weight (кг):

    65 kg

  • Size (cm):


Characteristics and description


With the delay mode, set the time up to 24 hours, and the laundry will start automatically at a convenient time for you.


After setting your favorite mode, just turn on the washing machine and press the start button, your favorite mode will start automatically.


When the child lock is activated, all buttons will stop working and the door will be locked. After activating this mode, you don’t even have to worry about your child pressing the washing machine buttons.


The led display installed in the washing machine shows you all the information you need, and the touch buttons make it easy to control the appliances on the side.