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PRM-60M-1402 ST-W

The inverter motor is built on a special technology-significantly reduces the level of noise and energy consumption


Inverter motor



Delay wash

Drum cleaning

Fast 15'

Child protection

Favorite mode

Your best helper at home.


Delay timer.

Delay timer.

Using delay timer, you can control when the washing process starts. Set an interval of 1 to 24 hours and allow the washing process to take place at the time you want.

Inverter compressor.

Inverter compressor.

The digital inverter reduces the pressure on the motor and the motor will be at your service for a long time. Due to reducing energy consumption, the washing machine has A +++ energy efficiency.

Child lock mode.

Child lock mode.

Child lock mode prevents disturbing of machine works by children and keeps them away from accidents.

Drum cleaning function.

Drum cleaning function.

The drum cleaning function eliminates 99.9% of unpleasant odor-causing bacteria inside the washing machine without any chemical detergents.


Main characteristics

  • Maximum loading:

    6 kg

  • Energy efficiency class:


  • Motor:


  • Spin speed:


  • Number of programs:


  • Weight (кг):

    65 kg

  • Защита от детей:


  • Size (cm):


Characteristics and description


The maximum washing capacity of the Premier PRM-60M-1402 ST / W washing machine is 6kg. The maximum number of drum revolutions is 1400 times per minute.


The washing machine is equipped with a digital inverter motor and the drum has the ability to maintain balance. It is therefore given a 10 year warranty for the engine.


The washing machine also has “sherst cleaning” and “favorite mode” functions among the 16 types of modes. There are also "child protection" and "wait to start" functions.


The mass of the washing machine is 65 kg, the dimensions are: length - 59.5 cm, width - 47.5 cm and height - 85 cm.