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Microwave oven PRM-20MW-AK1-W

Smart and affordable technology



LED display

Quick defrost

ECO mode

Mechanical control


Quality and smart cooking technology.


Easy control.

Easy control.

Microwave oven is controlled with 2 circular buttons. With them you can choose one of five power ranges and set the timer.    

Economical technology.

Economical technology.

PRM-20MW-AK2 microwave ovens are distinguished then others by low energy consumption. It consumes only 700 watts of electricity per hour.

Defrosting mode.

Defrosting mode.

Daily mode is not propper for defrosting. It is much more easier to melt products with defrosting mode. 


Main characteristics

  • Usage volume:

    20 l

  • Internal size (cm):


  • Mass (kg):


  • Нижний гриль:


  • Convection:


  • Microwave power:

    700 watt

  • Timer:

    60 min

  • Defrost mode:


  • Auto cook:


  • Door opening:

    on the handle

Characteristics and description


The microwave oven has an ECO mode that stops energy consumption during idle time. As a result, you get 40% energy efficiency even if you leave the microwave connected to electrisity.


The microwave is controlled by 2 wheels. One of them is used to select 5 power levels, the other is for timer up to 35 minutes.


The inside of the microwave oven is covered with enamel. Enamel prevents metal decay and oven will work for a long time.