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Multi airflow system.

Multi airflow system.

The refrigerator uses a Multi airflow system, which means that the cold air is distributed evenly to all parts of the refrigerator. As a result, even the temperature on the door shelves does not differ from the inside.

No Frost technology

No Frost technology

No Frost technology ensures a constant temperature in any parts of the refrigerator. It cuts food refrigeration times in half and increases energy efficiency.

Ice generator.

Water cooler.

The Premier PRM-712SBSNF refrigerator has a water cooler. Enjoy cold water in the hot weather of summer.  

Inverter compressor.

Inverter compressor.

The digital inverter automatically controls the refrigeration processing speed. This technology reduces noise and dramatically reduces energy consumption. That is why the Premier PRM-712SBSNF refrigerator has A +++ energy efficiency.

Premier PRM-712 refrigerators.


Main characteristics

  • Energy efficiency class:


  • Total volume:

    535 L

  • Refrigerator volume:

    342 L

  • Freezer volume:

    193 L

  • Controlling temperature:


  • Lighting type:


  • Cooling system:

    No Frost

  • Refrigerant:


  • Climate class:


  • Digital Inverter:


  • Size (cm):


Characteristics and description


The Super Cool function allows you to decrease the air temperature inside the cooling chamber in a short time. This speeds up the cooling process of the products and prolongs the expiration date.


The Super Freeze function allows the products to freeze without losing their shape, dramatically lowering the freezing chamber temperature in a short period of time.


The Zero Cooling mode ensures a constant 0 ° C temperature inside the refrigerator and the products are stored without any change.


The Multi airflow system of the Premier refrigerator ensures that the cold air is evenly distributed throughout the entire refrigerator.