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De Frost

Mechanical control

Big shelf


Adjustable doors

Tempered glass


Trust us to store your food.


Convenient design.

Convenient design.

Because of conveniet size of refrigerators now it is easy to locate in a small places. You don't need to redesign your room to place refrigerator.

Ixcham dizayn
Easy clean

Tempered glass shelves.

Tempered glass shelves

Refrigerator shelves are made of tempered glass, which is 4 times stronger than ordinary glass and is much easier to clean.

Flexible doors.

Flexible doors.

You can make the refrigerator doors swing to the right or left according to their location in the room. It is easy.

Flexible doors
Eco Friendly refrigerant.

Eco Friendly refrigerant.

Eco Friendly refrigerant..

Refrigerant R600a tha used in Premier refrigerators is low enery consuming and has minimal damage to ecology.


Main characteristics

  • Energy efficiency class:


  • Total volume:

    295 L

  • Refrigerator volume:

    225 L

  • Freezer volume:

    70 L

  • Controlling temperature:


  • Lighting type:


  • Cooling system:

    De Frost

  • Refrigerant:


  • Climate class:

    N, ST, T

  • Size (cm):

    59.5 x 55 x 176

Characteristics and description


The refrigerator shelves are made of tempered glass, which makes the cleaning process quick and easy.


It is possible to adjust the refrigerator doors to the right or left depending on the design of the room.


There are ice cubes molds in a freezer, and ice cubes are ready for you in any situation.


The refrigerator has a total capacity of 295L, a refrigeration chamber with a capacity of 225L and a freezer with a capacity of 70L. The cooling chamber is located at the top part of the refrigerator which is easy to use.


Refrigerator dimensions: 595 mm - length, 555 mm - width, 1760 mm - height.