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32 PRM 600S Smart TV

Great apps, unlimited selection, easy installation and navigation PREMIER Smart TV will become a part of your family.








Try modern technology.


Online Smart TV.

Online Smart TV.

Connect Premier Smart TV to the Internet and use social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Telegram and online cinemas like Netflix and Hulu.

Work from home with Premier.

Work from home with Premier.

Now you can do your office work without leaving home. Just install the office programs on your smart TV and get started. You can download the apps through the Play store app.

Anyview cast posibility.

Anyview cast posibility.

With the Anyview cast, you can connect the Premier Smart TV to your phone or computer screen via WiFi. You can use the TV as a large screen if needed.

IPS matrix.

IPS matrix.

The main feature of the IPS matrix is the liquid crystal surface with unique color gamut and the ability to see the image even at an angle of 178 degrees.


Main characteristics

  • Diagonal:


  • Display:


  • Smart TV:


  • Watch angle:


  • Sound:

    Dolby Digital

  • Speaker power:

    10 watt

  • Tuner(DVB-C/T2/S2):


  • Service warranty:

    2 years

Characteristics and description.


Since Smart TV runs on android 9 operating system, it is possible to download apps running on this system through the App Store.


HD Perfect technology creates millions of color glare, and Elite Backlight technology ensures that bright colors are created in every pixel.


Because the TV uses a CSOT matrix, the screen can be viewed at an angle of 178 degrees.


The TV has HDMI, DIVX functions.


Dolby Digital technology ensures high quality, clearing the sound from excessive noise.


The TV has a DVB-C / T2 / S2 tuner.